Items in the 2022 Stitch Supply Advent Calendar 
Thank you so much for purchasing the 2022 Advent Calendar. I truly hope you enjoyed your calendar and that it brought you a little daily joy with each of the 25 gifts. Did you know that there is a 25th gift? Don’t forget to peek inside the blue envelope located just below the 24 boxes! 
Let’s go through each day and chat a little about each item - what the items are used for and who created them. So many talented people and small business owners came together to make this calendar happen! If there are any extras left of any of the items, they are now listed on the website and linked with each photo. 
Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber was our talented graphic designer this year. Her artwork is displayed on the large Advent Calendar box as well as each box inside. Thank you Stacie for working with us on the 2022 calendar! 
Happy Day 1! So thrilled to have Lindsey from Pen and Paper Patterns kick off the advent calendar with her Fineline Glue Tip. Glue basting is a game changer, and I am excited to have you try out this basting method - and her nice quality glue tip. Lindsey has created this fun video for using the Glue Tips
We love labels! Add a little pizzazz and ownership to your projects with these leatherette labels. The photo reveals three ways to add these labels to your project.
1. Flat and topstitch
2. Tuck in a binding
3. Pop out of a seam
Leatherette labels are handwash only, so keep them for pouches and bags.
What a treat it was to create our first advent calendar kit! This coaster kit includes fabric, a bamboo box and directions to make holiday coasters. Let's give a round of applause to Charise Creates for writing the pattern. Thank you Charise! Happy Coaster Making!
Thought we would help with decorating of your gifts! These cute tags are designed by Gingiber - who also created the artwork for our advent calendar packaging. They are a beautiful compliment to her Merrymaking fabric collection.
Time to give your hands a little TLC! Thrilled to partner with Tuft Woolen Mills to create these hand balms. The perfect treat for your crafting hands! We included three different holiday scents. Which scent will your hands enjoy? Sugar Plum, Gingerbread or Peppermint. 
This gingham zipper will make a statement on your next zippy pouch or bag. It's a bit longer than you might need, but I wanted you to have the opportunity to trim your desired length. It also pairs nicely with the Lazy Afternoon charm pack!
Welcome Giucy Giuce! Look what Giuseppe designed!! EEEEKKKK!!!!!! I am so thrilled that he created the artwork for these socks. You all will have such fancy warm feet! 
Day nine brings us a pattern for this awesome tote by Knot & Thread. Thank you Kaitlyn for this excellent pattern titled All The Things Tote. Do you know what's really really neat? The All The Things Tote fits our small Stitch Supply project bags! The perfect way to organize your projects for a sewing getaway or storage in your sewing room. Ive finished one, and its a great bag! Don't let the binding scare you! It really goes together really nicely with Kaitlyn's directions.
Pins, pins and more pins! Love these glass head pins and hope you do too. They pair perfectly with the wool pin cushion coming up soon! 
Who Rules? You do! Sewing Rules and so do you! Hope you love your personalized tape measure.

A little sparkle thread for you! Here's to adding a little bling to your holiday sewing. Glamore Thread by Wonderfil. You are welcome to hand stitch or machine. Wonderful recommends a size 7 Embrodery needle for hand stitching and a size 100/16 topstitch needle for machine sewing. Read more about it Glamore Thread here

Can't we all use a little more fabric in our lives?! This collection, Lazy Afternoon by Zen Chic is so charming. Loving the pastels mixed with pops of color and black. Looking for a charm pack pattern? I highly recommend taking a peek at the zippy pouch tutorials that Charise Creates has available or maybe the Runner Up Table Runner by Lynne Wilson. 

Pin Cushions! Loving this cute pin cushion by Heather of Wooly Sheep Dots. And wool is such a kind and loving friend to our glass head pins. Heather has a great Etsy store with the cutest wool ball products. Be sure to check it out! 


Adding a little fancy to your binding storage! Hope you enjoy the sparkle of these Quilt Binding Spools created by Stitch Supply Co. 

Sarah Watts does it again! These iron-on labels will undoubtedly add a little bling and humor to your project. Thank you Sarah for adding these unique labels to the calendar. If you don't follow @wattsalot, now would be a great time! She's an incredibly talented fabric designer and teacher of art too! 

MAKER patch! Where will you attach your patches? Sweatshirt, t-shirt, pouch, organizer? So many options! Attach by ironing on using a medium heat and pressing cloth.


How cute are these little stickers by @kperreaultcreates They are the perfect sticker to mark your rulers without obstructing the view. Kristen has many creative items on her website: stickers, t-shirts, and so much more! 

Keeping your needles safe is this fella's job!
Created by our box artwork extraordinaire, @gingiber This magnetic needle minder is just so darn cute! Thanks Stacie for spicing up the advent calendar!

Stunningly sharp rotary blades. At the shop we use A LOT of blades so I had plenty of opportunity to test out blades. And these won, hands down (but keep them out of the way!). A sharp blade makes all the difference and keeps your mat lasting longer, too. Enjoy!
Fabric collecting is an excellent hobby and now you can tell this world with this sticker! Sticker by the amazing @kperreaultcreates
Happy Day 22! Let this little bird help your thread fly right through that needle eye! Needle threaders by Prym.
Here to help with this light-up seam ripper. It's essential to cut just the right thread! Or you can pretend it's a mini lightsaber!
Lets Sew Patch by Nancy of @Caffeinatedcotton Isn't it adorable! Nancy has a cute Etsy shop with patches and apparel. 
Yes, there is a day 25 gift. Under all the boxes, you will find an envelope. Inside this envelope is a lovely sewing themed print by our calendar artist, Gingiber. Thank you Stacie for making the calendar such a beautiful piece this year!
Again, thank you so much for your support of the 2022 Stitch Supply Advent Calendar. A huge THANK YOU to Stacie of Gingiber, for creating the artwork for the 2022 calendar and Kristen, KP Creates, for all the beautiful photography. If you have feedback, ideas, comments, suggestions for contributors, etc. or just want to say hello, feel free to drop me an email at

We have so much planned for 2023 and can't wait to share it all with you! 

Happy New Year to you!
Ann & the Staff at Stitch Supply

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