Quilters Dream Cotton Batting - Select, White

Size: Craft 46" by 36"
Sale price$ 9.70


Quilters Dream Batting is amazing!  Really, truly my favorite!  Here are some great things Quilters Dream has to say about themselves: 

  • Beautiful, Soft & Warm
  • Highest Grade USA Cotton. Carded, crosslapped, needlepunched for strength and quality.
  • Hand & Machine needles glide smoothly through the fine, consistent, even batt. 
  • Finished quilt may be gently machine washed and dried. 
  • Stitching may be up to 8" apart.  Stitch as closely as needed and your quilt will remain soft and flexible.  Closer stitching gives more of the "antiqued-puckered" look.
  • Dream Cotton (request, select, deluxe or supreme) is an excellent choice for crafts requiring cotton batting.

  If a size you prefer is not currently available, please contact me as I would be happy to order it.

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