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Peacock English Paper Piecing   <br>  Aug 24th

Peacock English Paper Piecing
Aug 24th

$ 10.00

Continue your journey of English Paper Piecing with us! Select either The Peacock or The Lion by Violet Craft.  Either one is a perfect place to enjoy English Paper Piecing.  The 20" block can be used as a mini, pillow top or block on the front of a bag. 

What is the difference between paper piecing and English paper piecing?  Great question! Paper piecing is a technique where we machine sew onto paper to create designs, usually quilt books.  English paper piecing is when fabric is wrapped around small paper templates and hand stitched together.

Date: Thursday August 24th from 6:00 to 8:00pm

Supplies: The Peacock or The Lion pattern, fabric amounts, listed on pattern, Bohin Straw-Milliners, thread, glue stick/marker, snips, rotary cutter. Optional: extra lighting source such as a table top lamp and if you need them, bring your reading glasses!