Every Last Piece

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12 Beautiful Design Inspirations Using Scraps, Strings and Applique.
Teaches new techniques and designs for both small and large fabric pieces and strings.
• Provides new ways to think about using fabrics that will be easy for beginners and fun for experienced quilters.
• Positioned to do well in both the traditional and modern quilting markets.
• Uses string pieces to touch on major quilting techniques like blocks, triangles, applique, etc.
• Perfect for use in shop clubs and classes that teach techniques and projects.

This book will act as a guide to help the reader work through assorted fabrics, anything from new fabric bundles to an overflowing scrap bin. The first quilts will use maximum scraps or small fabric amounts, but by the end the reader will be able to use the tiniest scraps with lots of background fabric. The reader will enjoy days or weeks of carefree sewing while learning fun new methods of dealing with small fabric pieces. Projects will include stripes, pinwheels, alternating squares, stars, triangles, drunkard's paths and applique in quilts of several sizes and styles.


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