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2019 Advent Calendar

2019 Advent Calendar

$ 185.00

Delight yourself with the gift of a sewing themed advent calendar!  Or gift it to a friend - they will LOVE you for it!

It is my pleasure to release our very first Stitch Supply Co Advent Calendar. I had the absolutle joy of working with Sarah Watts, of Ruby Star Society and Craftedmoon for the artwork on this project. Sarah's artistic hand created THE BEST design. So whimsical and fun. Such a joy to admire! You'll see Sarah's work again, as she has surprises in the calendar too! 

For your gifts, I curated a collection of 25 lovely items, one for each day December 1st to December 25th. Each item is selected with thoughtfulness and many are unique just for this advent calendar!! My goal was for you to treat yourself a little each day in December leading up to Christmas.  A little gift each day just for you!  Oh, you would like like to know more about the gifts...this is tough!  I don't want to give away too much! Sewing is the theme, although they don't come together to create one big project.  Some might be a tools for sewing, some might be sewing themed, and some might just be for fun! I can say that very, very few are Christmas themed.  Each item is hand picked and all items that I will personally love to have! Thanks for trusting me to pick out fantastic surprises for you!  

Thank you for your love and support!  

Ann & and the Rockstar Staff @ Stitch Supply!

The Details: 

  • Pre Orders will be available from Sept 10th through Sept 22th -- UNLESS CALENDARS SELL OUT SOONER! QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED!!!
  • Please place your first name in the comments section of the order.  We need this :)  
  • Do not order any other items with your calendar order. Calendars must ship alone!
  • Calendars measure approximately 14" by 15" by 2 1/2" 
  • Calendars will ship early to mid November. 
  • Yes, we will ship internationally.   
  • Gifts are wonderful ideas, just add their first name to the comment section of the order. If you would like a gift card included, make a note of the message in the comments section as well. 
  • Sorry, no project bags will be shipped with the advent calendars.