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The retreat is waiting for you and your friends to enjoy some time away.  With all the essentials provided, you are free to relax, create, and have fun!

The highlight of the retreat is a large workroom featuring working space for 16 people.  Each person has their own large work table and comfortable office chair.  Ironing boards are available for your use along with a variety of quilting supplies. In addition, the workroom has a wet bar with a full-size refrigerator.

When you are not crafting away in the workroom, you may enjoy the rest of the retreat space.  This area has four bedrooms each containing four twin beds and one bathroom.  Each guest has their own locker space that includes a locking drawer to store valuables. There is a full kitchen and seating for 16 in the dining area.  A living room with wonderful light, TV and a fireplace is perfect for movie watching, knitting or embroidering.  Last but not least, we have reserved a small space as a relaxation room.  This room can be used if you choose to bring in a masseuse to pamper you during your stay.  Otherwise, it is a great room to sneak away to read a book or practice yoga.  Yoga mats are provided.  

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