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About Us

Name: Ann 
Instagram: StitchSupplyCo

I am a Midwest girl at heart and I love winter. Okay, love might be too strong of a word to use in the same sentence with winter. I do like the change of seasons though. That works. 

What I really love is my awesome family. They are pretty neat and creative and cute and maybe a bit silly too.  Look at the photos if you don't believe me!

And I love crafting.  It is in my blood.  Crafting of all kinds -- sewing and quilting is my therapy though.  I started this hobby while in 1st grade.  That is the first time I can remember sewing clothes for my doll
s on my Mom's black and gold Singer sewing machine, which she still has!  My Dad was not as keen on me sewing as I tended to get distracted and he was afraid I would run over my finger.  Hah - never happened Dad!  All right, honesty is the best policy -- I nipped it one time, but there was no way I was letting him know that! And my Mom kept it a secret too, as she already knew my passion for sewing!  
Yarn is my next love.  My very patient and kind Grandma taught me to use the crochet hook.  Oh, was she patient and she never gave up on me.  She also never taught me to read a pattern, because well, she knew the limits of an eight-year-old!  A dear friend of mine, Susie & her Mom, Marguerite, taught me to knit AND read the pattern too!   And embroidery.  Creating amazing designs from just a needle and thread, that is what this whole company is about. 
Stitch Supply Co.  is my dream coming true.  One step at a time on an exciting adventure.  Thanks for joining me on this awesome journey!