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26 Aug '14

Flowering Snowball

Posted by Ann Sandler in Uncategorized
This pattern caught my eye a few times.  It went by several names like Royal Cross, Cross Block and Flowering Snowball.  Digging in, I wanted to find the true name and discovered it is part of the Orange Peel Family and documented in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Quilt Patterns.  3081 is the pattern number and the official name is Flowering Snowball. Again, a beautiful block brought back into the spotlight. Love it!
PictureFlowering Snowball Quilt by StitchSupplyCo.com
A dear friend of mine had a stroke.  She needed a gift.  And not just any gift.  Her hospital room was, as her husband called it, a garden!  Real flowers were out.  Her family really needed time to heal, all of them. They needed rest and peace and quiet.  So instead of the traditional gifts, I thought of Anna Maria Horner and her Pretty Potent line consisting of healing flowers.  She needs rest and healing -- and quilt will be perfect.  

The Flowering Snowball may look like it would be a bit of an undertaking, but that is exactly why it is so great. It looks great and with a bit of practice, you will master those curves like a champ and speed though this quilt. I made a Mini Quilt in the Flowering Snowball pattern in weeks prior. It was a great way to practice the curves before diving into a large quilt. This mini was created with Cotton & Steel prints and a 5" template. 

My Quilt was made with 11" blocks and would measure 55" by 77" which would be the perfect size for a couch quilt for an afternoon nap.  A fat quarter bundle of 24 prints was the perfect amount to fussy cut each piece. The white in my quilt is Kona 1387 White.  The backing is also from the Pretty Potent line, however, I opted for a voile backing and binding. The results are amazing. I highly recommend giving voile a try.  

For this quilt, there is an great tutorial at the Molly Flanders Makery.  Please head there to get some great tips and download an 12" template.  

My quilt was finished in about 2 weeks.  Just in time for some photos and delivery.  My daughters and I went on a little photo shoot.  They were great helpers.  The younger prepped the quilt for the photo while my older daughter snapped away!
After the photo shoot and a trip though the laundry, the quilt was ready for gifting.  I don't want to tell to much of my friends story, as it is her story to tell not mine, but let me say she is amazing!  She is working so hard to heal herself and she has the most amazing family to help her. Her boys are amazing.  They saved her.  I will share this part of the story and her message to everyone. My friend was making lunch for her middle school aged boys and quite quickly lost feeling on the left side of her body.  She was able to walk into the living room and mumble to her son.  He asked if she need help, and she was able to let him know she did.  He yelled to his brother who ran in and immediately called 911.  Their quick reactions allowed their Mom to get the medicine that she needed within the crucial timeframe.  Of course Mom is so proud of her boys.  When asked if she taught them about calling 911, she says that she did not, but now wants to remind parents how important it is.  The knowledge of knowing when and how to call 911 is something every child should know.  How is my friend?  She is doing well.  The quick response of her family, the medical staff, and with all of her hard work in therapy, she is expected to make a full recovery.  YAY!!!