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26 Sep '14

Flowering Snowball Templates

Posted by Ann Sandler in Uncategorized
Thanks for joining along in this, the most spectacular snowball fight!
First of all, have your gathered your fabric supplies? To make this 60" x 70" quilt top you will need: 
4 yards or a lot of scraps that are at least 6 inches wide
2 1/2 yards of light or low volume fabric

Here is the template for a Flowering Snowball block.  
File Size: 283 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

File Size: 294 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Flowering Snowball 10
After printing out the template, I like to adhere them to card stock or book board using a glue stick.  If you purchased the kit, book board is included.  Otherwise, you can use items such as a cereal box or used priority mail flat rate envelope.  If you feel your card stock is too thin, glueing two pieces together works great.  

Flowering Snowball 10
Using your scissors for paper (not your fabric ones!) roughly cut out the two large pattern pieces A & B.  Just set aside the square center piece for now.  Glue the two pattern pieces to your card stock.  

Flowering Snowball 10
You can use a scissors or rotary cutter to cut the pattern piece out.  I have a spare rotary cutter that I keep a dull blade on for cutting paper and non-fabric items.  You can use a scissors if you prefer.  

Flowering Snowball 10
Repeat for the second piece and voila, you have yourself one fine set of templates!