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30 Sep '14

Let's Cut Fabric!

Posted by Ann Sandler in Uncategorized
My very favorite part of cutting out a quilt is cutting out the pattern. Well, I also love the very last stitch. Grab your templates and lets get started!
Do yourself a favor today and put in a shiny new blade for the cutting of this. Trust me. There is a lot to cut and a sharp blade will make this job more enjoyable.
Flowering Snowball 10
For the petals, simply place your template (that you adhered to card stock) on top of your fabric and cut.   I will admit, I trim 2-3 at a time. Using the 45mm rotary cutter works great as these are gentle curves. Save your scraps for the centers!

Cut 168 (or more) petals on print fabric and 168 snowballs out of the light or low volume fabric. 

Flowering Snowball 10
Let's talk centers.  Measure a few of your recently cut petals against the center square.  As you can see from the photo my petals are a tiny bit bigger then the template.  This is where I set the template aside and mark my ruler with washi tape equal to the width of the petal.  Making a square.  

Flowering Snowball 10
Washi tape.  Why?  Here is my biggest tip for you!!  First, it keeps my eyes from going crazy trying to measure for each of the 42 squares.  Second, it is a stop for my fabric.  Stay with me here...  Place two layers of washi tape exactly on top of each other.  So that is four total.  

Flowering Snowball 10
Take a piece of fabric that you will be using to cut a center square from.  Trim one corner to 90 degrees.
Next, flip your ruler upside down.  I know, things are getting crazy around here!  Slide your ruler over the fabric until it bumps your tape.  Trim off the remaining two sides.  Repeat 41 more times!