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14 Aug '14

Top 10 Tips for Sewing with Voile

Posted by Ann Sandler in quilting

The idea of sewing with Voile can be intimidating. Voile by Anna Maria Horner - Stitch Supply Co.  Really, down right scary.  BUT the actual process, is so enjoyable and the resulting quilt is fantastic! 

Here are my top 10 tips for sewing with voile 

1. Press and Spray Starch fabric before cutting. Best 
Press is a great product and great to use with voile. 

2. Always backstitch (knot) at the start and finish of a seam.  Voile does not seem to grab thread like quilters cotton, so this is really important. 

3. Voile tends to fray a bit more than quilters cotton, so don't handle the fabric more then necessary.

4. Glue Basting is awesome.  Really, awesome.  With voile, it will make your sewing a million times easier.  You can purchase tips here.

5. Switch to a smaller needle on your sewing machine.  Size 9 or 11 work great.

6. Batting.  100% cotton Voile deserves 100% cotton batting.  They work well together. 

7. Creating your quilt sandwich.  This part took some trial and error on my part.  I use spray baste rather than pins.  It seems to take a bit more spraying to keep the sandwich together.  For mine, I used 505 spray.  Maybe other brands would work differently, however, I did not test others.  

8. Voile back your quilt!  This was suggested to me and I am so glad I listened.  Plus, Anna Maria Horner's voile is 54" wide, so there was less piecing of the back.  The voile front and back makes the quilt so wonderful to cuddle with.  

9. Binding.  I was very timid to the thought of binding a quilt with voile and once again, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!  Hand sewing the binding so simple, as the needle glided right though.  

10.  USE IT!  Don't let the voile sit in a corner.  This is such awesome fabric, it deserves to be created into something amazing.   

Good luck with sewing your voile.  I know you can do it!  These are just my tips, if you have more to add, I would love to hear them.